Apni Safety is Marketplace to provide safety related product at one place. We understand your safety need and offering all related safety and security product at one place

Network of 4 merchant nationally, housing over 9 brands and 70+ products. From in-depth, expert buying advice to personal after-sales care tailored to each customer, we commit to our promise of ‘Personalizing Technology’ every day. We have commitment to to fulfill your requirement, if you don’t find any safety product on our portal but you are in need then contact us . If its legally permissible then you will get that product within 10 days. Our objective is to help you with required technology, gadget, traditional and other safety product which can give you piece of mind. The another objective of our portal is to revive or promote our local and traditional metal craft, it will help our skilled traditional blacksmith to sell there product in the market. We can gift these metal craft as show piece to your family and friend.  

ApniSafety.com is extended hand of BIJ Infratech which is in construction and hospitality industry.


We know your safety need and the best match for you. So, start searching and ensure your safety and your near and dear one safety. We are trying to meet your personalize requirement. We do provide home safety, Hand combat safety product, Traditional and  smart device. You can search your relevant safety product from these category, very soon we are coming with more category.

Apni suraksha Apne haath

India is such big country where after 10 km we have different culture , language and people. Sometimes knowingly unknowingly we hurt someone or someone hurt us but our own safety and survival is most important. We will equipped you to keep yourself protected with all the different safety device and technology

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